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Timeless design, you can cruise off on the Harley or race off to the Ace café on the old Beezer. Have them made up in your prescription and you will wonder why you put up with wearing specs under your helmet for so many years.


We can supply your prescription goggle in either clear plastic or photochromic plastic. Considering the small difference in cost we would suggest that the photochromic option is the one to go with.

There is a limit to the strength of the prescription that can be fitted to these goggles.


Your Optician by law has to give you a copy of you prescription after an eye test. If you have a copy you can e-mail, or fax it to us.


If you don’t have a copy let us have your name, DOB, address, now long approximately since your last test and your Optician’s details and we can phone them to get your prescription and give you a quote. When contacting your Optician we always tell them it is for a specialized goggle.

Please note that we do NOT supply the additional 3 sets of non prescription lenses as once the prescription lens is fitted it cannot be swapped over. If you also wear contact lenses we can supply an additional pair of lens carriers and the 3 sets of lenses for an additional £23.





We are happy to supply most countries, just ask for a quote on the postage but you will have to e-mail or fax a copy of your prescription. We can also supply the Aviator Retro Special goggles and the Nannini Optical Goggles, just contact us for pricing.


Please note that if using a full face helmet with a polycarbonate visor the photochromic lens won’t work as the visor bocks out UV light.



Clear prescription lenses    £120.00

Photochromic prescription lenses   £135.00

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P+P UK 1st class recorded    £5.50     overseas please ask for quote.

“price includes goggle and lenses”



WRS74 Prescription